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Intern Report Episode 17 Alicia Anabel Santos/Negros Americanos

S/O’s to our guests Alicia Anabel Santos and Negros Americanos who were able to make it through the MTA delays due to the snow storm weather changes. 

Great thanks to writer and media maker, Alicia Anabel Santos for expressing her views on Afro Latino culture and helping us be aware of who we are as a people. As well as letting us know that all cultures as far as African Americans, Latinos/Latinas, Afro Latinos are one. We also want to thank her for chiming in on about the MTV show “Washington Heights”.

TK in the AM 17: Afro Latino life w/ Alicia Anabel Santos & Negros Americanos

Big S/O’s to Negros Americanos for sharing with us their interesting experiences and stories with their travels and adventures from the Panama barrio. These guys are funny, cool and chill. They definitely gave TK in the AM a comfortable yet wild vibe on this mornings show. 

TK in the AM 17: Afro Latino life w/ Alicia Anabel Santos & Negros Americanos

Today’s show was GREAT! to start the weekend off real suave. Tune in Monday February 11th, 2013. Fashion Week is coming to the studio with fashion designer, Farai Simoyi and model Bianca Chardei of America’s Next Top Model cycle 6. From 10-11:30am, giving you 3 reasons to wake up in the morning, Peace.

Episode 17 Playlist:

Donald Byrd- Stepping into tomorrow

Sum Killa- Chuck Norris on drugs

Prince- Breakfast Can Wait

J Stylez- Let It Out

MC Enigma ft. Bishop The Eastside Nappy Head- Confessions

Georgia Anne Muldrow- Roses

Negros Americanos- Soy Tu Dueños

MC Enigma(Negros Americanos)- I Don’t Care